The most important skill and art you need to practice and master to have success in any area of your life is self-leadership. Through self-leadership you empower yourself for the impact you want to create in your life or business.

With my unique #bepowerfulandfree® approach you can tap into your endless potential to learn, improve, and create success in your life and business, for yourself and with others.

As a coach and consultant I accompany you on your journey of development, expansion and fulfillment towards the mastery and self-realization. In this way, we’re share the path, and you’re always empowered for your next best step towards your desired results.

#bepowerfulandfree® Story and Mission

“We are as powerful as we can be free to be.” Tanja Bogataj

As long as I remember, I’m on a journey of learning, unlearning, relearning. And the learning never stops. It’s a journey to live my life and rising up to its purpose. Last years I’m calling it a journey of being powerful and free while making a difference, and I empower and inspire others to do the same.

I’ve created #bepowerfulandfree® Platform because I believe this is a powerful and inspiring way to learn from each other, and to inspire and empower each other to do changes.

Be inspired and keep inspiring by sharing your power and leader story with #bepowerfulandfree® community.


Behind every choice, decision, behaviour and action there’s our power and freedom what we do with our life – resources, potentials and opportunities. It’s our life, and we create our own reality, however we choose to live it.

I’ve developed #bepowerfulandfree® approach and programs to help you choose better and best for your life. To be as empowered as you need to be facing your challenges.

Let’s explore your gaps, and transform your struggles, challenges and blockages into the opportunity and fuel to accelerate and achieve your goals in your unique way.

I believe in a world where we all feel safe and free enough to be who we are, and where we can create our wellbeing using our gifts in effective and fulfilling way.

I believe in the potential in you, your team and organization, and I know how to use knowledge, skills, gifts and tools to achieve dreams, goals, impact and purpose.

I do it with my effective and personalized services for personal and professional development, efficiency and mastery.



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Tanja Bogataj is a extraordinary coach who helps bring out the best version of yourself in the world. She has an amazing gift to hear and see things that others just don't. Her generous spirit and commitment to service at the deepest level shines through in every coaching conversation, allowing for clients to see new possibilities for themselves. If you ever have an opportunity to be coached by Tanja, do it! It will transform your life. The space she creates for people opens the door for real life miracles and powerful transformation to occur.

Devon Bandison, Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Success Coach

I am very grateful for the Universe bringing Tanja into my life a couple of years ago. Tanja was assigned to me as a mentee in the Inspired Women Lead program. From the first moment it was an amazing journey together in which we both grew learning from the wisdom of each other. From close I have witnessed the transformation from a high level government employee into the entrepreneur, coach, teacher and leader she is right now. Not an easy journey but one where she has taken each opportunity to grow into her authentic self. As Female Wave of Change Ambassador Slovenia, coordinator of the Balkan Team and leader of the Environment Team. She has shown her leadership skills. I love her global mindset, and the ability to translate it in local action, her compassion and empathy, the way she transforms her purpose and passion into the work she does for women, for the next generation and for the environment. Someone who is dedicated to get things done. Last but not least an amazing friend with a huge heart!

Ingun Bol
Founder and President Female Wave of Change
CEO Move in2 the Future

A great coach, with many skills, but above all with a big heart and the ability to walk with you through your pain, fears, doubts and make you bring out the best of you. Thanks for reminding me who I really Am Tanja Bogataj.

Marta Berglez, therapist, entrepreneur @Marta Berglez

I was coached by Tanja Bogataj at a time when I had to take important decisions and this helped better focusing on the key elements while at the same time broadening my overall vision.

Marco Onida, Senior Expert, European Commission

Thank you so much for these fantastic days, months, for being an excellent listener and helping me to see things that I could not do on my own. Thank you so much!

Marlene Mendes, owner, inspirational speaker, healthy&fit lifestyle coach