In the coaching conversation and process, I provide a framework and the support necessary to: acknowledge and maximize your personal and professional potential, create a vision and action plan towards realizing that vision, and to lend support along the way towards your desired goals and future. I am there for you to create a safe space that is dedicated to our conversation that explores and inspires your potential for personal and professional growth, and for creating the way to achieve your desired results and future.

You can choose different ways of working. Programs or packages are personalized in agreement with clients, and also by you being the agenda, since I believe in the client’s uniqueness, creativity, and resourcefulness for being a success.

I offer programs for 3/6/12 months or longer cooperation, either in One-on-One Transformational Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Relationship Coaching, or Group or Team Coaching. A program or package can contain different sets of coaching sessions, combined with an Intensive Workshop, Counselling, and/or Training.

Coaching is provided in person, if in you are in Slovenia (mainly in Ljubljana). For international clients, it is provided mainly over Skype, and in person according to the chosen program, and by agreement with the client.

If you are ready to work, contact me.

One-on-One Transformational Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Relationship Coaching
Group or Team Coaching