Tanja Bogataj is a Leadership and Transformational Coach and Consultant, Founder and Practitioner of #bepowerfulandfree approach, and Host of #bepowerfulandfree Platform. With over 15 years of experience in leadership and 10 years in coaching I help you tap into your endless #bepowerfulandfree potential to own your power, empower your impact and create your desired success.


I believe in a world where we all feel safe and free enough to be who we are, and where we can create our wellbeing using our gifts in effective and fulfilling way.

I believe in the potential in you, your team and organization, and I know how to use knowledge, skills, gifts and tools to achieve dreams, goals, impact and purpose.

I do it with my effective and personalized services for personal and professional development, efficiency and mastery.



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A great coach, with many skills, but above all with a big heart and the ability to walk with you through your pain, fears, doubts and make you bring out the best of you. Thanks for reminding me who I really Am Tanja Bogataj.

Marta Berglez, Psychologist, Leader Grupo Mulheres do Brasil Liubiana

Tanja takes coaching to the next level. Experienced, insightful and kind, she does not push foward her "truth" but rather helps you find it yourself and decide which path to take to reach it. With strong international connections, she is not just a coach but also a powerful networker.

Matija Jamnik, partner and attorney at JK Group

Thank you so much for these fantastic days, months, for being an excellent listener and helping me to see things that I could not do on my own. Thank you so much!

Marlene Mendes, owner, inspirational speaker, healthy&fit lifestyle coach

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