A drop, an ocean, and waves in between

A drop, an ocean, and waves in between

by Tanja Bogataj, Leadership and Transformational Coach, Founder of #bepowerfulandfree 

I’m reflecting back today on my last 4 years, and the last year of #bepowerfulandfree journey.

I feel grateful, with deep sense of our interconnectedness, and impact. I’d define a journey as a drop, an ocean and waves in between.

Since my early childhood on I haven’t spent so many days in a year in my home country Slovenia as I did in the past year, and also never before so much worldwide virtually connecting, creating and ‘living’ as I did this past year.

It was not an ‘usual’ year for anyone of us due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, and yet, it was a year in our life, a year of our life. How was it? Who did you become?

Reading what I’ve written and set the intention for on this day a year ago


I can say it truly was a #bepowerfulandfree 1-2-3 MAGIC year, and I’m happy that it’s continuing into the magical 5 year.

It was a year of integration, clearing the path and empowering the #bepowerfulandfree while making a difference journey.

What about you? How did you experience this past year? What was the major impact you’ve made?

How much you’ve healed, learned and grown? Have you done something new, or just differently than years before?

How much you’ve smiled? How many people did you make smiling? How many did you inspire and empower? Who inspired and empowered you?

What / Who are you now appreciating more? What are you now grateful for?

For the 4th anniversary, I share this gentle reminder to all of us, to be aware that we’re a drop, we’re an ocean and we’re waves co-creating waves in between. We are powerful as we are, and we do make an impact.

And here’s an invite to meet up in a year from now to share how was our experience, the experience of being powerful and free while making a difference, in any role we’ll have, in any relationship and situation we’ll be.

Stay healthy and in your wellbeing, and I wish you feel free on your #bepowerfulandfree journey!

Live and Share Love.