Mind-Stretching Sessions

Mind-stretching #bepowerfulandfree® sessions are created by Leadership Coach Tanja Bogataj M.Sc., and invited guests, for leaders to expand their life and business by practicing empowerment and (self)leadership in an effective, creative, and impactful way.

Check-up Mind-Stretching #bepowerfulandfree® Sessions from 2021-2023:

From Sustainability Awakenings to Action: The Self-Leadership Path’ with Milasoa Chérel-Robson, 22.3.2023

As a woman, I am enough. I am just me with Justyna Krajewska, 22.2.2023

Secrets to staying driven and reaching your potential Mind-stretching with Divya Mittal, 11.1.2023

LIFT UP & Live Amazing 2023 – 12 Days of Creativity, 1.1.2023

LEVERAGE 2022 – 12 Days Celebration, 20.12.2022 

The ‘F’ Word – from A to Z empowerment and then some, 14.12.2022

Confidence & Tool-kit to shine on stage with Harriet Bratt, 30.11.2022

How to LIFT UP your OPPORTUNITIES, 27.11.2022

How to LIFT UP your VISION, 25.11.2022

How to LIFT UP your GIFTS, 23.11.2022

How to Be Happy At Work by Choice with Loubna Zarrou, 16.11.2022

Confidence to Scale UP with Tineke Rensen, 2.11.2022

How to develop and nurture individuality & togetherness, 19.10.2022

Fight-Flight-Freeze vs. Empowered You’ Response, 5.10.2022

Recycle your “DREAM LIFE” to live “your life” and “fulfill your dream/-s” – 3 Strategies, 14.9.2022

From Wasting Time&Energy to bringing more Life into your Life, 31.8.2022

We are choosing what we are not changing – Choices, Habits, and Impact, with a guest Subhe Mustafa, 17.7.2022

Mindset for Empowered Moments and Path, 13.7.2022

(Re)Invention: Vision – Creativity – Action with Ingun Bol, Evelien Van Es, and Giovanni Rodriguez, 15.6.2022

Diversity & Inclusion for Success Special edition with #G100 global leaders Yanire Braña, Mireille Toulekima and Linda Pereira, 18.5.2022

When You Know Better, Do Better, 4.5.2022

Energy for Life and Business with guests Alessandro Ferullo and Mikael Wesstrom, 6.4.2022

Learn and Practice a New Skill with surprise guests Sanjeev Jayaratnam and Bevin Gabriel, 23.3.2022

Mental Health and Well-Being for Leaders with a guest Dr. Nancy Kurian, 16.2.2022

– A Butterfly Story – To Change & Grow or not 2.2.2022

Empowered by 2021, Ready to create an amazing 2022 Special end of 2021 edition with guests, 22.12.2021

Mental strength and flexibility for Leaders with guests Evan Rabin and Mikael Wesstrom, 15.12.2021

Health and Well-Being for Leaders with guests Varsha Lemon and Alessandro Ferullo, 1.12.2021

How to improve your memory and focus by reading for leaders with a guest Sanjeev Jayaratnam, 17.11.2021

From comfort to success_What do you believe now 3.11.2021

Extra Mile to Make a Difference for Leaders with guests Siân Williams and Alexandra Rametta, 20.10.2021

Law of Attraction and Peace of Mind for Leaders with guests Dr. Tarak Vachharajani and KangWei Chin, 6.10. 2021

Building up the networking muscle for leaders with guests Bruce Springs and Nick Blanchard, 22.9. 2021

How our habits reflect our choices and shape our success with guest Krishnan Ramanathan, 8.9.2021

From Comfort to Success 25.8.2021