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I believe in a world where we all feel safe and free enough to be who we are, and where we can create our wellbeing with our gifts.


I believe in the potential in you, your team or organization, and I know how to use knowledge, skills, gifts and tools to achieve dreams, goals, impact and purpose.


I do it with my effective and personalized services for personal and professional development, efficiency and mastery - coaching and consultancy, education, mentorship and speaking.

A great coach, with many skills, but above all with a big heart and the ability to walk with you through your pain, fears, doubts and make you bring out the best of you. Thanks for reminding me who I really Am Tanja Bogataj.

Marta Berglez, Psychologist, Leader Grupo Mulheres do Brasil Liubiana

Tanja Bogataj is a extraordinary coach who helps bring out the best version of yourself in the world. She has an amazing gift to hear and see things that others just don't. Her generous spirit and commitment to service at the deepest level shines through in every coaching conversation, allowing for clients to see new possibilities for themselves. If you ever have an opportunity to be coached by Tanja, do it! It will transform your life. The space she creates for people opens the door for real life miracles and powerful transformation to occur.

Devon Bandison, Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Success Coach

I was coached by Tanja Bogataj at a time when I had to take important decisions and this helped better focusing on the key elements while at the same time broadening my overall vision.

Marco Onida, Senior Expert, European Commission


Tanja’s coaching is the gift that keeps giving. And her ability to listen and provide healthy and practical advice is invaluable.

Robert McKenzie, Owner-Communications Lead for the McKenzie Group s.p.

It was a breath of fresh air to meet Tanja Bogataj in February 2019. She participated in the Female Wave of Change Leadership Program (WLiC). I was so inspired to see this young vibrant woman taking a bold decision to lead her own transformation journey. My ‘wow’ moment was when Tanja shared her long intention she had to leave the comfort of a stable income to pursue her ambitions as a Transformation and Leadership development specialist. She was anxious and uncertain at first but courageous enough to overcome her fears, and take action with intention and effort. She participated actively in all sessions and asked a lot of critical questions, needless to say she completed the course successfully. Tanja used the knowledge and skills she acquired to establish her business venture. We have a lot to learn from her confidence and courage. What a determined soul. I also had a special opportunity to participate in two of her transformation and leadership coaching sessions, they were both focused, well structured, rich and empowering. Her humble nature and very engaging approach encouraged all participants to delve deeper and search for their own gifts and talents. I am confident that her new venture will thrive and grow many Leaders who will bring positive change for our future.

Yvonne Busisiwe Kgame -Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, Published Author and Mentor

Thank you so much for these fantastic days, months, for being an excellent listener and helping me to see things that I could not do on my own. Thank you so much!

Marlene Mendes, owner, inspirational speaker, healthy&fit lifestyle coach

Tanja takes coaching to the next level. Experienced, insightful and kind, she does not push foward her "truth" but rather helps you find it yourself and decide which path to take to reach it. With strong international connections, she is not just a coach but also a powerful networker.

Matija Jamnik, partner and attorney at JK Group

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