Tanja Bogataj is a certified Visionary Leadership Coach, Leadership Consultant, Facilitator, and Speaker, with a background in law, public policy, management and leadership. She has 25 years of professional experience in designing, developing and leading teams and projects.

After completing almost 20 years long successful career in the public sector, she decided to dedicate her professional life and service to her 3 passions - personal and professional development, (self)leadership, and empowerment of individuals and communities for positive changes.

At her work, Tanja helps professionals, leaders, and teams to free their inner power, lift up their vision, and become excellent Decision-Makers and Success-Creators in the field of their expertise and impact. Besides 1-on-1 coaching packages, she offers also online selfleadership programs.

Her unique gift is to intuitively connect with people and teams, serve as a channel for their bigger vision and mission to unfold, and then coaching them to awake their inner power, align their inner world with the desired impact, and take the empowered action to achieve their goal.

Before going into professional coaching 6 years ago, Tanja first worked 6 years as a legal expert and then 12 years in the field of public policy (portfolios: urban development, environment, green economy, public administration), of which she has been 10 years working with top leaders, and being herself on top leadership positions and teams within the Government of Rep. of Slovenia.

She uses these broad and rich experiences by serving also as a leadership consultant. She helps clients in different leadership and managerial roles by coordinating activities, projects and teams; facilitating meetings, group coaching sessions and events; drafting project ideas, programs, and scenarios.

Tanja holds a B.A. Degree from Law (University in Ljubljana, 2000), Master Degree in Political Sciences - Public Policy Analysis with European Aspects (University in Ljubljana, 2004), and Master Degree in Management (University of Ljubljana, 2010). She attained her first Coaching Certification in 2012, and specialized in Leadership Coaching since 2015. In 2023 she got certified as a Visionary Leadership Coach by Dr. Oleg Konovalov (https://globalgurus.org/best-leadership- development-program/).

As a strong believer in people’s capability to learn, improve, and create, she created a #bepowerfulandfree® Platform www.bepowerfulandfree.com to share and spread the message of the importance of each and every one of us individually – and as a community and a society - to be powerful and free while we are making a difference for ourselves, for people around us, and for the world in general.

Feel free to connect and co-create with Tanja.