Tanja Bogataj is a #bepowerfulandfree® (Self)Leadership Coach, Business Consultant, Train the Trainer, and Founder of #bepowerfulandfree® Platform.

In more than 15 years of working in the public sector, she has strived to lead by example, either with a leadership title or not, by continuously learning and improving her knowledge and skills. In every role she has promoted collaborative and creative ways of working with and among different stakeholders in order to provide quality service, results, and improvements. After more than 10 years of working in top-level leadership positions in public administration, she decided to dedicate her professional life to Leadership and Transformational Coaching, Training, and Consulting.

Tanja has had the opportunity to gain broad knowledge and skills, and to support high-performing individuals and teams toward achieving their personal and professional development, and mastery-level achievements (individual, team, and organizational) because of her background in sports and art, years of studying and practicing law, political science, management, leadership, and coaching, and her work for more than 15 years with top leaders and managers in public administration, NGOs, and privately-owned companies.

Tanja utilizes her knowledge and skills from different fields, and from various life experiences. She uses a holistic and individualized approach that is adjusted to people, projects, and situations. Besides leadership and coaching, Tanja’s great passions are movement and art. She believes that movement and art can connect us to our truer nature, keeping us vital and offering different ways for unique expression, and endless possibilities for personal growth.

Tanja is a strong believer in people’s capability to learn, improve, and be highly creative. She believes that we are powerful as we are, that we have the ability to create our best selves, and have the lives we are supposed to live. She has created a blog: www.bepowerfulandfree.com to share and spread the message of the importance of each and every one of us individually – and as a community and a society – to be powerful and free to make a difference for ourselves, for people around us, and for the world in general.