CONNECT AND POWER UP with powerful and impactful like-minded and like-hearted individuals, and GET ACCESS TO:

  • (self)empowerment and (self)leadership knowledge and tools,
  • powerful and impactful network of individuals from different walks of life,
  • shared stories and lessons from invited leaders, professionals, thinkers, developers and world-changers,
  • learning with and from other members,
  • 1x 30′ 1-1 coaching with Tanja per month,
  • 1 hour group coaching session per month.

The Platform is FOR those:

  • passionate and willing to learn, collaborate, and actively contribute their best to make this world a better place for all,
  • with an open mind and heart to learn, exchange and share with others,
  • empowered to empower others, and to co-create this journey of mutual learning and growing.

P.s. For those who are interested in being a passive observer or have the focus mainly on your individual interests and results, this Platform is unfortunately not the appropriate framework for you. The emphasis here is on co-creating and sharing this journey, with inspiring and empowering each other, mutually learning and growing, and creating together something even more powerful and impactful then we can individually.

BE/COME an empowered and impactful MEMBER of the platform TODAY and receive a membership gift:

  • You can choose:
    • #1 membership for 12 months – fee: 150,00 eur or
    • #2 membership for 1 month – fee: 50,00 eur

If you choose to participate in the intensive powerful and transformative 5 weeks Online group Empowered2Impact (Currently Open Enrollment for 2 Groups: August-September 2019 and September-October 2019), you get a FREE access to the Platform for 12 months.

For more info about the 5 weeks online program go to www.tanjabogataj.com/news or contact Tanja at tanjabogatajcoaching@gmail.com