Empowered2mpact Empowerment Session with Leadership Coach Tanja Bogataj M.Sc.

Empowered2Impact is a training to learn and practice efficient techniques and tools to get empowered for the challenges we face and to achieve goals and create the desired impact. Teaching based on Tanja Bogataj’s signature approach, exercises, and tools from the #bepowerfulandfree® program.

The session will focus on:
– what does ‘empowerment’ means for us personally and professionally,
– identify and anchor the personal intimate feeling of ‘being empowered’ as a filter,
– what’s the cause for your disempowerment in certain situations,
– learning simple ways for empowerment check-ups and action, and
– tips and tools for self-empowerment in different challenging situations.

For whom is it:
– entrepreneurs;
– leaders;
– coaches, trainers, service providers;
– people interested in personal and professional development;
– people facing challenges in life/business, such as: being stuck, don’t know how to proceed, not being successful as they wish, facing a lack of passion, creativity, opportunities, facing time, energy, and resources limitations, etc.

Dates: October 7, 2021 | November 24, 2021 | December 15, 2021