Webinar ‘Simply Energy – Shift – Flow’, April 13, 2022

A short version of effective and easily applicable practice and coaching experience created by 3 teachers using different approaches and techniques for mind-body-spirit well-being and harmony:
– Tanja Bogataj – #bepowerfulandfree® Founder, Empowerment and (Self)Leadership Coach (short bio below)
– Alessandro Ferullo – QiGong and TaiChi master (short bio below)
– Mikael Wesstrom – #ACoolMind Pranic Energy and Breathing Techniques Practitioner (short bio below)

In this webinar you’ll learn:
– a set of simple and effective techniques and practices for self-help and well-being when in challenging situations and circumstances, like working long hours, stress, time constraints, conflict, working with digital and electrical devices, etc.;
– how to better manage your energy for life and business – to release blockages, recharge, and maintain harmony;
– being more aware of your body and environment you’re in, and factors that impact your health and wellbeing;
– being more aware of your breathing, thinking, and behavior patterns; and how to develop a more supportive mindset and habits.