WIN 2018 Conference

I’m grateful and inspired being a coach and forum speaker on sharing my #bepowerfulandfree story at the WIN 2018 Conference in Rome from 26.-29.9.2018.

I’m super grateful for coaching some powerful women and supporting them to live their life in more powerful and fulfilling way, appreciate what they’ve created so far, and launch their great vision and start manifesting their wild/est dream/s.

Beings surrounded these past few days with powerful, and more or less also free women here in the WIN Conference in Rome, I feel my inner #bepowerfulandfree instinct to share with you some joules.

I don’t believe in separation, I believe in collaboration, and complementarily, so they can work to empower everyone and each other:

– the most powerful paraphrased message used in the speech was from Kofi Anan ‘You’re never too young to lead, and you are never to old to learn.’

– don’t ask for permission, you don’t need always one, if you feel it’s right thing to do, if it in line with your values, just do it, and take the leader’s role

– realize how important it is to think big, it can never be too big, just think really BIG

– when the opportunity / possibility shows up, make sure you are confident and take a risk

– never choose among your passions, keep them all, find the way to make it work for you, your life

– be grateful, than those before you, so look back, look around, look forward, but always also look inside

– for the development to happen, you need to let go of the old, and let come the new at certain points on the path

Take what resonates with you today and apply it into your life, presence, and relationships.