Workshop with post-graduate students of University of Ljubljana, October 10, 2018

I had a pleasure of doing the workshop “Use your potentials and transform your limitations to create your success” with post-graduate students of the University of Ljubljana. I am grateful for the experience, and inspired by their potentials, energy and their willingness to actively create their world and give their best.

It’s just amazing and wonderful and powerful to experience so many young people being aware, being willing to so their work on themselves, to believe in their potential and what they could and can create, and that nothing is impossible, that they can always find the way to achieve their goals, live their potentials. They are true teachers of how to be open to learn and grow, to be vulnerable when sharing yourself, and in sharing openly their knowledge and wisdom of which they are not even aware yet how powerful tool that is and will be for them, and actually for all of us if they use it. I wish all of them prosperous today and future.