Free you inner Visionary. Elevate your Vision.

Become a Powerful Decision-Maker and Success-Creator in any given situation.

Equip Yourself and your Team to Lead with your Vision toward Success.


Visionary Leadership Coach 

As a visionary leadership coach, Tanja helps you to free your inner visionary, elevate your vision and upgrade your visionary leadership mindset and skillset to successfully lead with a strong vision. When your vision is strong enough, you can successfully navigate among diverse challenges and opportunities to take just the right empowered decision and create the desired impact in any given situation. Book a call with Tanja to co-create the package that fits your needs, goals, and ambition. 

Keynote Speaker

Tanja’s main Keynotes for visionaries, leaders and other change-makers are in 4 areas – Freedom-driven Visionary Leadership; Decision-Making as a super-power; Get Empowered to Impact, and Power for Change. She also creates speeches on-demand for other audiences focusing on topics: empowerment, change, visionary leadership, and personal mastery. Feel free to submit your demand and co-create the impact you desire to create. 

Corporate Trainer and Consultant

Based on her more than 25 years of rich and diverse experience in designing, leading and developing teams and projects, Tanja trains and consult business partnerships and teams how to tie loose ends and eliminate energy-drainers in ‘team-tasks-results’ chain, leverage their success potential, and learn effective tailor-made ways of collaboration, co-creation, and sustainable improvement. 

My Story

There were several bigger shifting moments on my journey, with many smaller ones, as we all have them. Two major ones that brought me on the path where I am today happened in 2011.

That year I discovered coaching and became a certified Coach. It was also a year of my reset. In the Summer of that year, I had a car accident. It was an experience that changed me and my way of being. My spiritual journey started to merge with my professional one. It set me on a visionary journey to help people worldwide feel free to be powerful and free while they’re making a positive change, individually and as a collective.

The vision started to come to fruition in 2017, with launching my professional coaching practice and #bepowerfulandfree® brand for personal and professional mastery.

Reflecting on my life, I’ve been exploring the world of ‘power’, ’freedom’, and ‘that in between’ all my life, personally and professionally. 2 facts from my life impacted me and my sense of power and freedom significantly.

First fact is that I love to travel, explore new environments and get impacted by the experience but chose to live in my home country, Slovenia, all my life. Slovenia is a small country in Europe, and the only country in the world with the word ‘love’ in its name. That love is embedded in Slovenia’s beautiful powerful nature that became a strong source of inspiration and wisdom for me. Second fact is that I was raised in a family of lawyers and professional public officials with a strong sense of community, living aligned with nature and in solidarity with others.

In 2017 I felt it was time for me to complete almost 20-year-long successful career within the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, and start a solo entrepreneur experience. I had strong support from my close circle of people, but I underestimated the power of societal conditioning and expectations.

I remember one colleague saying at that time, ‘Ah, you’re going out in circles. You’re not going anywhere. Face it, you’re made for the public sector, you’ve practically grown up into this. And we love you for that. Besides, everyone is a coach now and there are so many coaches out there. Why do you need to be another one out there?”

We can only understand the path by connecting the dots reflecting back on the journey. And we can only live and create by looking forward. Step-by-step, pieces of the puzzle come together. It becomes clear and empowering where and how we need to be and lead to serve as powerfully as we are meant to.

My visionary leadership teacher and mentor, Dr. Oleg Konovalov, perfectly describes the visionary struggle in his book The Vision Code – ‘We are often not prepared to be seen as different, unusual. It’s in our DNA to want to conform. But we also have free will to choose who we want to be and what we want to create … There is no such thing as a vision that leaves you sitting where you are.’

My message to you,

‘Behind every choice, decision, action, and reaction there’s a choice and decision about how we use our power and freedom as our potential gift, right, and responsibility.

In a world where you can be anything, I invite you to choose to be powerful and free while you’re making a difference. Allow others to have the same kind of freedom and power.

In between we meet, we co-create, we change, we impact.

Give the world the best of you. Elevate your Vision. Upgrade your Leadership. Empower your Team. Keep rising to best serve your vision and its purpose.
Wish you lots of love on your journey.’



Tanja’s main Keynotes for visionaries, leaders and other change-makers are in 4 areas

  • Freedom-driven Visionary Leadership
  • Decision-Making as a super-power
  • Get Empowered to Impact
  • Power for Change. 


For each opportunity we prepare unique contribution.


With our coaching and consulting services and programs, We work in partnership with you. 

You bring the challenge, 

– We help you bring out your uniqueness, creativity and resourcefulness, develop empowered mindset, become an excellent decision-makers, and create the desired impact in any given situation. 

You bring your vision or idea, 

– We help you to empower your vision, equip you to lead with the vision, and train you to lead with and towards more success. 

You share with us your leadership challenge and goal, 

– We help you to awaken the visionary in you, become an excellent decision-maker and success creator in any chosen situation, for yourself, your team and community. 

Choose or co-create your program:

Partner up with us and get:

High rate of return on your investment with efficient, transformational, and personalized programs and service.

Holistic and personalised approach to best fit your vision, leadership and desired result and impact.

In person and online programs and services, using #bepowerfulandfree® signature methodology and tools, and #okvlp Visionary Leadership Program.

Empowered to create the desired impact in any given situation by freeing your authentic power, equip yourself for successful visionary leadership, boost your creativity and resourcefulness to create success.


  • 12-week online program with pre-recorded sessions.
  • 90-minute 1-on-1 LIFT UP Your Vision coaching with Tanja.
  • Become Freedom-driven Visionary Leader and Powerful Decision-maker.
  • Elevate your Vision by leveraging your gifts and opportunities.
  • Upgrade your self-leadership and visionary leadership mindset and skillset.
  • Learn how to lead with a vision toward success.
  • 8-week online program with pre-recorded sessions.
  • 60-minute 1-on-1 coaching with Tanja.
  • Tap into your #bepowerfulandfree potential and free your hidden power.
  • Learn how to shift form overthinking, overdoing and over-giving into ‘do it just right’.
  • Learn how to flip the script in any challenging situation and create success.
  • Become Powerful Decision-maker and Creator of the Desired Impact in any given situation.
  • 40-minute pre-recorded training.
  • Learn and practice effective techniques and tools.
  • You can re-use it as a coaching and self-coaching experience.
  • Learn how to use empowerment for your success, and transform disempowerment to empowerment.
  • Get empowered to face challenges and achieve your goals with success and fulfilment.
  • Pre-recorded training.
  • Learn, practice and apply a #bepowerfulandfree® 4 step tool into your day-to-day.
  • Learn how to get unstuck and create an opportunity for solution and success.
  • Learn how empowered you need to be to take an empowered action to create the desired impact.
  • Take action, expand and succeed in 4 steps with success and fulfilment.

Tanja's Bio

Tanja Bogataj, MM.Sc. is a • Certified Visionary Leadership Coach & Consultant • Power for Change Founder & CEO • Founder and Creator of #bepowerfulandfree® • with a background in law, public policy, management and leadership • having 25 years of professional experience in designing, developing and leading teams and projects.  
After completing almost 20 years of a successful career in the public sector, she dedicated her work and service to her 3 passions • self-leadership and personal mastery • visionary leadership coaching • empowerment for positive changes.
Tanja helps leaders and visionaries with idea, mission, and passion to make a positive change and impact in their field of expertise but struggle with resources, opportunities and decision-making to create, share and lead their vision with and towards success. 
At her work she uses leadership, her signature #bepowerfulandfree® approach and tools, and Dr. Oleg Konovalov’s Visionary Leadership Coaching Program #okvlp and tools. 
She connects with her clients intuitively so their bigger vision and mission freely unfold and pave the way for the coaching process. As a visionary leadership coach, Tanja will help you
    • Define and Empower your Vision.
    • Free and uplift your Authentic Power to LIFT UP your Vision.
    • Do More With Less.
    • Become Excellent Decision-Maker.
    • Be Success Creator in any chosen situation.
Before starting professional coaching practice, Tanja has acquired diverse experience working across different public policy portfolios (urban development, environment, green economy) as a professional public official of the Republic of Slovenia. She served first as a legal expert, and then as a public policy expert, of which she served 10 years in several top leadership positions and teams.
With broad experience and skillset, Tanja helps teams and leaders also by providing services such as 
    • Coordination of activities, projects, teams.
    • Facilitation of meetings, group coaching sessions, events.
    • Drafting project ideas with solutions, sessions flow, performance script. 
Tanja holds a B.A. Degree from Law (University in Ljubljana, 2000), Master Degree in Political Sciences – Public Policy Analysis with European Aspects (University in Ljubljana, 2004), and Master Degree in Management (University of Ljubljana, 2010). She attained her first Coaching Certification in 2012, and specialized in Leadership Coaching since 2015. In 2023 she got certified as a Visionary Leadership Coach by Dr. Oleg Konovalov (https://globalgurus.org/best-leadership-development-program/).
Tanja is inspired by nature, life, and co-creating better ways of being, doing, and impacting. She enjoys travelling and meeting new people and places; spending time in nature, especially by the sea; and loves to dance.