Balancing the Balance

Summer-summer-summer time…ahh, I love it. The combination of sun, warmth, water, more time spend outdoors in nature, more time for fun and relaxation, lighter and brighter energies, and the feeling of being aligned with myself. It is also a time to digest the first half of the year, and setting energies for the next period in the year and in life. A time when, although I have many obligations and activities going on, it is in a way easier to keep the balance than in other seasons of the year. It feels like there is more time, more space, more possibilities, more aspiration, more positivity. It seems that it is easier to let go, and easier to accept changes, or see things from different perspective. It is not just the summertime the time of changes and balancing of course. But because I am being more relaxed, less controlling, and more open for transformation of energies in this time, I can be more naturally in balance, or bounce back in balance more easily. This makes this time perfect for exploring the issue more in depth.

A ‘Balance and Being in balance’ is an interesting concept. It is very relative, and subjective, how it should feel, or look like when we are in balance, or what we should do to balance up things. It is an ongoing process, a constant change, a constant flow and transformation of energy. It is about constantly balancing different energies within ourselves, and in our surrounding, in a certain moment and situation. We are moving and balancing between polarities, yin and yang, feminine and masculine, positive and negative, high and low, dense and thick, week and strong, inner and outer, self and others, now and later, etc. When we are in balance, we are healthy, and in line with our inner self, and we can actively create a quality living. When we are off balance, we are  loosing more energy than necessary, and we are more easily affected by the energies, also negative, around us.

Balance can be viewed from different perspectives. For this summertime, I invite us all to explore it from three perspectives:

First, a balance and balancing of life as whole – on a daily basis, and of a week, month, year, years, and decades, and with a focus on energy and life cycles, changes, lessons, and energy shifts.

Second, a balance and balancing of our desires, needs, obligations, energies, relationships, and situations, and with a focus on the now, near future, or sometime in future.

Third, a balance and balancing the polarity of energies, mainly the combination of the feminine and the masculine energy, where to use which, how to express these energies and how much of which, and which learned patterns and behaviours are affecting our balance.


‘Extremes are easy, strive for balance.’

Colin Wright


‘Life is about balance and we all have to make the effort in areas that we can to enable us to make a difference.’

Orlando Bloom


‘Life is a balance between what we can control and what we can not. I am learning to live between effort and surrender.’ 

Danielle Orner


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