Every day we are in at least one leadership role. If nothing else, we decide daily how we are going to live our life, what kind of role are we going to play, what kind of relationships and projects are we going to participate in, and what is our purpose and drive? It is interesting to reflect on how many of these decisions are we taking consciously and intentionally, and how many in a more passive and routinised way. We all have our own reasons why we are doing this, but it is important for any of us to be aware of what is behind and what is within. This is the first step to our powerful transformation, and to our powerful creation.

Working on my personal growth, and working with people as a leader, co-worker and coach, I am noticing that we easily get caught up judging, and criticising ourselves and others in these leadership roles. We can really be masters in taking away our power and blame others or some outside circumstances for that. We are full of prejudice, advice and opinions how we and others should lead, act, react, interact etc.. What we are usually missing is first to acknowledge the power we have in relation to our life, our decisions, and our choices, and to be aware what we are doing with this precious gift called ‘power’, which is also our resource and tool. We need to acknowledge, that it takes an effort to pursue and own our leadership roles, whatever they are. It takes courage to show up, and to take a lead and expose ourselves, and even more, to take responsibility. It takes a strong will and an open heart to persist, even more so, when things are not working in our favour.

What astonishes and frustrates me is how much of our creative energy we choose to use, or should I better say misuse, either in personal or professional relationships and pursuits. With good intentions of course, just to strive for keeping the status quo, to control the situation, to play the learned power play, to tolerate the situation although it is neither healthy nor supportive for us, to keep ourselves small or aside or quite to not offend or disturb somebody and for not being hurt, etc. Instead, we could just be us, really present, owning our power and using it for creating our life fully and intentionally. Of course we all have our moments and we own our power and we create wonderful things and relationships, but wouldn’t it be amazing to be in such state all the time? And can you imagine what an amazing world we could create, how much we could achieve and prosper? I wonder Who and What is blocking any of us to be this free to be this powerful.

We need to remind ourselves that owning our power is our unique and endless source for life, a source for positive creation and prosperity, and that it is our right but also responsibility to use it wisely and assertively. It is not about to over power others and to misuse it for some partial interests and goals, and for some quick ego wins. It is about leading your life from a state of being fully present, and using your power for co-creating a better world.




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