Business made of dreams


by Nataša Kelšin (FEK’s bedding creator, FEK’s bedding – eco linen luxury,

When you are young, you have dreams. You have big plans and then … all of a sudden, life surprises you and it decides that you need to learn, practice, experience some things and then if your dream is still somewhere – only then you can start with living your dreams. So simple, ha 😊 Not really 😊

Funny, but my dreams are literally connected to dreams. It is a fact that we all sleep and potentially dream. We would all like to fall asleep in some cosy environment, feeling just right, not too hot, not too cold, with bed sheets that give us comfort, even looking good when wrinkle, so that it does not irritate us, and then we just want some sweet dreams to come in, and that our body feels much better in the morning. Yeah, good night. Ouh, no, no, not yet.

The story has just started and it is called FEK’s bedding. This is the story that started with a dream, my dream. The reason of its release in 2018 was that I was opening a new chapter in my life with all experiences and gifts received from my previous chapters.

I am a mother of four beautiful children – two boys, two girls, two husbands, and three different surnames. You got it right – F is the letter of a first surname, E is the letter of a second surname and K is the letter of my surname. These initials simply represent us. The fate didn’t want us to walk the same path with their fathers, but I am more than thankful for the experiences that I’ve gained so far. They’ve helped me grow and made me a stronger person. Everything comes with a reason. We are closing one doors and we are opening the new ones.

Now that you know how this dream started and how it is named – you need to know from what it is made of. I was looking for something that has same characteristics as our story. And I found it. It is called LINEN – fabric made from FLAX plant. FLAX is a plant that grows in any soil for years, it can withstand cold and wind and allow itself to pass into the LINEN fabric through a long process with a great deal of patience. The same is with our story – all the ups and downs on our way just made us stronger and let us shine now in our full glory. So I have found a perfect match.

Well, my dream is to give people a dream – but not just any dream – I want to give people a carefree dream. With linen it is definitely possible, since it is twice as durable as cotton, antiallergic, reduces gamma radiation, used to treat a number of allergic disorders, reduces fever by regulating air ventilation, rejects dirt and maintains a flat surface throughout the years, and is easily washed in hot water and dried in the sun, and it may be hot-ironed.

And there is more awesomeness to it. We know that everything around us is energy. We are energy. And every energy has its own frequency – even fabrics. The reason why we call LINEN to be a healing fabric, lays in frequency. Its frequency is 5000 – and to give you clearer picture, the frequency of healthy human body is 100. It rises us up. And this is the reason why all the above characteristics can be stated.

I can talk about linen for hours and write many more pages – but this is not the purpose of this article. The purpose of this article is to inspire people. My story of FEK’s bedding can be an inspiration for you.

Every dream can become a reality. Every dream can lead you also to a business success. It is not easy – but it is definitely worth it. Lift the frequency of your dream. Start dreaming and start living your dream. Everything is possible as long as we are alive. I am sharing this story with you because I would like to lift you up.

Thanks for reading this. It means a lot. It is a story of my dreams….., and it might become a pleasure of yours.

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