Celebrating Life and Living

December is a time when we notice and appreciate endings and beginnings more than usual. It’s time when we express our gratitude for what was and is, and share our hope and best wishes for what’s coming. For me, December is a month of celebration, a celebration of life and living. Maybe it sounds strange to celebrate life and living ‘at the end’, and when nature sleeps, and when all seems that ‘we can’t wait for something to be over and the new begins’. But endings are a great mirror, reminder, indicator, and multiplier of/for the new – how we can appreciate our life and lives of others more, and how we can bring more life into our living already now, not in the future.

Since it’s a celebration month anyway and you have probably many parties on your schedule already, you can easily add a celebration of you and your life on it. Being inspired by Osho’s quote, ‘Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated.’, I’ve put a challenge (read my December’s newsletter at www.tanjabogataj.com) for us to give our best and make December our best month of  2018.

To have same reference on whether we are ‘just living’, or ‘also celebrating life’, let’s answer some questions:

Where we put more life and appreciation:

  • into our wins or losses?
  • into learning or getting?
  • into love or fears?
  • into people or material things?
  • into actions or planning and talking about it?
  • into nature, quasi natural or artificial?
  • into inside or outside?
  • into creating the new or reliving the past?
  • into our development or status quo?
  • into…?

It’s not so black and white, and there is a lot of our life in between. So, take some time with these questions and distinctions, and find out more what’s currently relevant for you.

To celebrate life and living in December is like you’d be additionally stretching this year and yourself. And at the same time, it’s as you’d be stretching, embracing and diving deeper into each day of your December. We are all students here anyway, so no need to know in advance how best December could/should/need look like, and what is right or wrong way of stretching. To make it easier for you to start, here’s one hint how to do it best – In this time of the year we can learn again how to be a bit more like children – being innocent, playful, and really believe in our expressed and unexpressed wishes and hearts desires; and really trust in our capabilities of manifesting, and our ability to receive gifts with an open and grateful heart.

The real gifts of life are the gifts of heart. They are given and received through life and living from the heart. Make your December your best month of this year. Give as many good from your heart as you can, and receive with an open heart what comes your way. The challenge is on. Give your best and enjoy your December.


‘Your are not the drop in an ocean, You Are The Entire Ocean In The Drop.

Don’t grieve, Everything you lose Comes Around in another form.

Don’t sit and wait, Go Feel Life.

Shine like the Whole Universe Is Yours.’



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