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Few days ago I was talking with my friend Mateja how my coaching practice and business is developing differently than I was expecting it to be when still preparing for this journey. Especially regarding people I work with, how I am changing and growing on this path to be a coach my clients need, the way my practice is developing and what kind of opportunities are emerging. So many new and amazing people entered and are entering my life, so many new and wonderful connections and relationships. So much quality, and satisfaction from work, service and collaborations. So many possibilities for learning, growing and creating from and with.

Interesting how I thought the beginning of my professional coaching practice might/should look like. I was preparing for it for so long, and there were some logical possibilities for collaboration with certain friends and colleagues with similar interests. Besides my family and some close friends and colleagues who strongly support/ed me all the way, I secretly thought there will be a bit more active and stronger support from some other colleagues, friends and others I have helped in the past with their life and business. I thought it’s ‘normal’ and ‘obvious’ to help each other.

In last few months I was thinking more often about what that means, and what kind of connections we have/had, what was/is real and what’s not. Are connections related to certain circumstances and mutual interests, or they change through time and context, or they are there but not in the same function all the time. I’ve learned not to analyse this too much, and instead being grateful for what was and what is. What stayed was, that I’ve realized how the majority of people more or less observe/d how am I going to manage this new way of living and working. And realizing now how their in a way passive behaviour offered me a possibility to create/creating a practice and business in my way and being really open to new people, opportunities, and collaborations, I have to thank them. Thank you. I was able and encouraged to do all necessary transformations, let gos, let grows, let…. And I enjoy the place and state where and how I am now. So, THANK YOU.

The path and experiences during my last year and a half are showing me that in fact it couldn’t be better. We are really supported, if living our truth, and we do encounter right people at the right time for the right purpose. That means also that maybe some people are not in our life anymore, or at least not in the same way as they used to be, and that we continue with some new ones. As we change, our reality/world changes. So obvious when it is happening to others. I don’t know if this path is for everyone, but it can be done by everyone, if willing to do or undo what is required.

Thinking about connections, and what and how we are to each other and with each other when meeting on our paths, brings up thoughts by Marianne Williamson. She says that “Every relationship is a teaching-learning experience, assignment. Anyone we are destined to meet we will, but what we do with the relationship is entirely up to us. We lift the veil by seeing beyond it and invoking a truer truth, that is our purpose in each other’s lives, to invoke each other’s greatness and work a miracle in each other’s lives.”

Connections can be empowering, or disempowering. I appreciate people and connections that have been in my life so far, and helping me learn my lessons. They were not all empowering, but I definitely got the empowerment through these experiences. I am deeply grateful for people and who I have become with in my last year and a half, going from previous life period to what’s next for me. So much empowerment, and endless resource to empower. The most through being vulnerable, and going through the unknown.

I’ve always learned the most from relationships. Through coaching and being more and more self-aware, I’m realizing how much is there always to learn and grow from and with. Let’s make good connections. Connections to empower. We can learn so much from each other. We can empower ourselves, our lives, each other, and our world from connections we create. Don’t just observe, and wait if you’re asked to do something or when it’s convenient. Let’s surrender and play openly, and powerfully our active part in these connections. Nurture and improve them, or dismiss them and keep making new ones.

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