Creating unique art with a message

Creating unique art with a message

by Jan Rasiewicz – an artist behind “Rasko Fine Art“ brand (

My name is Jan Rasiewicz and I’m an artist, a creator. Ever since I remember I loved to create stuff. In elementary school I liked art classes the most. I loved to draw, paint, do things out of clay. Back then my closest friends gave me a nickname “RASKO”, a little puzzle from my Polish surname. And so it stuck on me ever since.

But my life turned in different direction later on and I ended up studying entrepreneurship. I got a job in IT industry as a salesman and grew my career in different IT companies, first in local, later in international and bigger corporate environments. In the world of IT sales, things can become monotonous after a while. Especially for a creative person like I am. However, I found myself a new hobby. I started painting. And by creating something unique with a message, I found a door into a whole new world, where I could express myself unrestrained. I was totally blown away with the possibilities I saw in art. I felt like I might have found something big. Something that can become a big part of my life.

My work today is the result of a simple need for creativity. Fluid paintings that are part of my latest work emerge from my inner love for family, love for nature and life in general. My art represents that love in a unique abstract way. I always work in layers as I go until I decide I’ve said enough. No special rules, no pressure, I’m transferring my energy to rest on my paintings and stay there. My goal is that a viewer feels this energy, finds interesting story within and identifies with it. These are also the bases for the short stories associated with most of my paintings. Each story had a profound effect on me in one way or another. My main creative medium for the series is special epoxy resin, which I then mix with different pigments and acrylic paints. The end result is “wet” looking painting, with a unique twist.

I have been selling my art since 2013 through my own website and ETSY. Today, my art work can be found in private and corporate collections all over the world – in USA, Canada, South America, Asia, Australia and throughout Europe.

My success is founded on hard work. I firmly believed that one day I’ll be able to support myself exclusively through my art. This was my ultimate goal and I aimed to achieve it. So I did it in 2019! I left my corporate job to be a Full time artist. Now I create stuff and I love what I do.

We should all do what we love. We should never give up our dreams!


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