Embrace Life

Tomorrow will be already 5 years since my dad passed away. That day was one of those days that make life shifts, that change everyone affected, that mark the difference between before and after.

Looking back at these 5 years, it could be that I have learned during these years even more from my dad and what he was teaching me with his life/way of living, as I have during his lifetime here. Or better say, I was able to integrate and embrace all of it, during what and whom life brought to me in these years.

There is one insight and thought that stayed with me since that day, and keeps coming to my mind especially at this time of a year, – that there is such grace and humbleness for the sacredness of life present at the moment when one life, and its purpose here on earth is fulfilled, and that you just can not demand of life to give you or be more, or less, as it is.

With years, it seems more and more precious, and in a way sacred and graceful, to me, this life of mine, our lives, how we live our lives, what we create and how we contribute. Moment by moment, with people on our path, coming and going, some staying and we grow together, and with some we continue separate ways. With all ‘why-s’, ‘what-s’ and ‘how-s’ within, and in between.

Looking back at last five years of my life, or just one – this now ending year, it amazes me how much has happened, how much has changed, how much I have learned, and how much I have created. I could not possibly knew this in advance, before living it all through. I am more and more realising how experiences, relationships, and lessons are connected, or at least some connections start to indicate the meaning behind. I found myself observing how years are creating and reflecting a flow of my life, how my life is unfolding each year, and how I evolve in it/into it.

“To know that you know what you know, and that you do not know what you do not know, that is the biggest knowledge of all.” This thought from Lao Tzu seems appropriate for concluding one cycle, and beginning a new one. Being aware of the difference between one and the other, and what changed (you) in between. Being open to start the new, with embracing of what was and what brought you to here and now, and without knowing what it will bring. Just embracing it all together. It fills you with a sense of gratitude, inner peace, hope, and at the same time with the excitement for life.

Life is what we made of it. And it takes love and respect for life to fulfil it, to create of it what was meant to be for you. Embrace life. Give more love into your life. There is so much more you can be in it. There is so much more to love, to create and to give. Give it all. Embrace the journey. Embrace yourself.

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