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Find Your Magic by Mmahlapa Mkandawire (Ceo of LaVida beverages and co-owner of a number of other SMME’s in the water purification, media and grooming industry, Afropreneur, SocialEntrepreneur, Commercial Lawyer and Philanthropist with an undeniable obsession to inspire and empower African entrepreneurs)

I have one particular memory from my childhood that has always seemed to puzzle me. It is from when I was 5 years old. My mom had this one photo of me enlarged. She framed it and placed it on the wall near her bed, like some type of a shrine which she cherishes till this day. We have moved several times, but she has held onto that photo closely and I always wondered why. 

This year, 2019, is my 29th year of life and for some reason that photo kept coming to my attention, possibly because I begun the year committed to embracing myself and everything that makes me unique. One day I decided to ask my mom Why and she said that I should focus on my eyes and smile and I will understand. She kindly allowed me to take the photo and I did just that. As I began to look at it each day, I realized something so profound. That photo was able to capture the beginning of something I was unable to describe but I deeply felt. 

I had a joy and excitement about life that was pouring out of every part of me and it came from one very important discovery and that was that ‘I am magical’! That there was something so unique about me that could bring smiles and positive energy to a room. I remember dancing at every opportunity, being unapologetic about my perspective, confidently owning my spaces and feeling utterly unintimidated by anything the world could throw at me. My world was just full of opportunities and I had every intention of taking them.

I am 29 now, educated, entrepreneur, married and a parent, but still feeling like there is still so much for me to achieve and feeling unfulfilled. I had to ask myself, how could I have forgotten one of the most precious thing about myself. That picture has challenged me to ask myself hard questions regarding my identity, purpose, gifts, but mostly my power. 

The truth is that our power is our magic, the unrelenting light that simply flows from the deepest part of our hearts filled with selfless love, creativity, purpose, determination, confidence, intentionality, purity and connectedness. It manifests in so many powerful ways that governs society, industry and how we look at life. Through writing, farming, architecture, religion, food, technology and popularly music among many more we see it manifests. This magic legitimizes our unique existence in a way that is incapable of counterfeit and manifests itself as power. Our power to contribute something valuable to the world in a way that broadens the understanding of human potential, all this while adding light and enriching life for those we are connected to or merely encounter. Our magic is for others, but magically and consequentially enriches us in the process. 

The greatest tragedy is not the death of a person but the loss of the experience and impact of that unrealized magic and power. Early this year I had committed myself to rediscovering and embracing my magic, mostly because it will be the only significant thing I can give to my children. One that they can hold in there hearts and that will be a light to them in darkness, and the rhythm of my spirit will play in their hearts when they lose their way. Always reminding them that they too are magical and powerful enough to change their worlds.

I hope and encourage every person to rediscover their magic and that they too may embrace it. It is this that transforms individuals, communities and organizations to revolutions. 

I deeply love and appreciate my Mom.



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