Free to Change

It is amazing to observe my coaching clients how they shift and light up when they realize it was always there – their inner power, and a possibility to make that change they want to do. It is a subtle point where one realizes that it is his/her call what kind of choices he/she makes. It is like an invisible curtain would fall down, and something would cleared their sight. Soon after, again kick in questions, many of them, like How to? How can I? Just like that? Really? Me? What if…? But after that ‘knowing’ they can never go back to the previous state, and something wonderful begins to unfold – their powerful transformation and them becoming the ones who than powerfully achieve set goal/s.

More I’m living #BePowerfulAndFree concept and sharing it with people, more I observe how the ‘power’ element of the equation is in a way easier to acknowledge and faster to embrace, than the ‘freedom’. It seems that there is even more social conditioning embedded in our individual perception of freedom, than in embracing and using our power. Our individual perception of freedom reveals and expresses itself somewhere in the space between our inner power and endless possibility and resourcefulness area, and choice/s we make.

I still sometimes fall into a trap to fight with the reality for too long, instead of choosing to accept what is, and make something about what frustrates me, what I want to change, what I can change. It helps me shift the perspective when reminding myself that this is my choice – how I perceive my freedom, and my power. It is the same power, just different choice, when I choose to complain, to be frustrated, to feel disempowered, and wanting others to be different…, as it is when I choose to make a certain change, to go for what I want to achieve, to be the change and not waiting for…

Our freedom is first a state of mind, and than a state of being. We limit our freedom when we put our power to something outside of us, and expect someone or something to be, do, change something for/instead of us.

Taking it further to the communities we are in, or the society in general we co-create, it is the same connection and reflection. We can do our part how we want it, regardless of what others do. We don’t have to wait for someone or something from the outside do that change, or make us change. Be free to change your choice/s, perspectives, approaches, and beliefs to change yourself and your reality-world. Today is as perfect as any other day to make this choice.

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