I chose to fight

I chose to fight
Story by a powerful young man, taking the ownership and leadership of his life, and actively making a difference
Life is full of ups and downs. This is how I see it now actually the constant pattern of life. Even when you conquer one problem and rise up, it’s only natural that you will once again fall. I have 21 years of experiences struggling with such situations. I know that for some it might sound short and nothing yet, but still, everyone’s problems are the hardest for themselves and I own mine and everything I’ve become facing them.
Reflecting back on my life, I consider myself quite experienced, especially in those basic life moments which shape you for the rest of your life. In my first 20 years of this life journey, I have gone through all kinds of maturity changes, difficulties in studying, problems at home and school, difficulties in choosing and sticking to my goals, deciding if my biggest goal and love is sport, struggling with bad habits.
On 22nd of March 2019 I’ve reached the lowest point in my life. It was in that very moment that I knew I have to make a decision. Do I continue to fall or rise? Do I sink further away from my potential, my goals, my beliefs, me, or do I start to swim to surface and rise above my problems? In that very moment I’ve started to understand my mistakes, and you know what, in that very moment, faced with myself, I’ve chosen to fight. To fight till the very end. To fight to change myself, so I can live my life.
I am strong believer that when you start to improve yourself in every possible way, the right path will reveal itself. Exactly that’s what has happened to me. In a short period of time after I’ve made that decision, all wrong people, places and thinking have disappeared from my life, and the right people started to show up.
I consider myself very lucky for having the opportunity to have so loving family which helped me getting my life back on tracks. Now I have found what I want. I have found my power, my dedication and worth, but most importantly I have discovered my way of feeling happy.
Now I am a law student, which I truly enjoy. I have changed everything in my life, but most importantly I am with people who truly love me. My “power” word is REMEMBER. Remember as a reminder of all mistakes that I’ve made and what I’ve learned from them. Remember as a reminder of the help I was given in the time of need. Remember as a reminder of my purpose and what I want to create in this world.
My life lesson that I’d like to share with the world at this point is – no matter the situation, no matter how hard and disappointing it is, it is never too late to rise up and say I am powerful and most importantly I am free.

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