It’s YOUR Choice

It’s YOUR Choice (Written by Nadira Ramcharan, 2017, NRNY Consulting,

“Whether we are at work, at home or in our business, we all have a choice to succeed, grow and change. While we do all of this, we may think about how we can remain authentic. It isn’t as difficult as we think it is because everything is a choice. After you make your choice, keep moving forward otherwise you may become “undecided” and that’s when negative thoughts start to settle in.

Here’s how to choose when you’re “undecided”:

  • Ask yourself which part of you feels that way.
  • Think about how you feel when you are inauthentic. What comes up for you? How do you act?
  • Think about what your initial choice means to you.
  • Think about the impact of your choice.
  • Process. Focus. Listen to your intuition (aka that voice inside of you who is the REAL you!)

When we take a step back, even in the midst of everything happening all at once, we realize that our next step is our choice. We are the only ones who can create a great life. We must be responsible for our own happiness and success. Being self-aware is the most amazing feeling. Don’t be at war with your mind. Don’t compete to be the best at everything. Just be YOU. Everything you need to know is within you.

So, what will you choose to do now?”




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