Let It …

How often do you find yourself in a situation, when you hear a friendly advice, yours or from people around you, that you should let it go, or to move away and let things happen as they are supposed to happen? It is funny how we think that we know how things should be or happen, and then so easily find ourselves doing what others are expecting from us, overthink about our reality and possibilities, or keep on postponing how we desire to live and act.

We can also find ourselves in a state where we are in a way waiting or at least hoping that someone or something from the outside will make a decision and a change instead of us. That someone or something from the outside will give us a sign or some kind of permission, affirmation, or even declaration that we are on the right track, that it is okay to do what we desire, that we can let it go of what is not us anymore, and that we can make that change.

Why we think we need this kind of permission or a reminder from the outside? And why this seems to be an easier way to do than owning what we are and what we desire, and allowing ourselves to release the grip and things to develop naturally?

Sentences with ‘let it go’, ‘let it happen’, ‘let it be’, etc. bring a certain lightness and release to us. They bring the release of controlling, judging, mistrust, fear of making mistakes, fear of taking wrong decision, fear of consequences, etc. Behind this ‘let it’ there is the allowance, the allowance to put the energy into trust and acceptance.

Behind, within and in between these thoughts, behaviour, and actions, there is a constant balancing of power and freedom. It is about the question, why and how we give away our right and responsibility to take choices, and to whom we give the authority for taking decisions about our power and our freedom. The answer and the reality as its consequence is up to us. So, let us allow it to unfold and indicate our next move, and decision to be taken.


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