Life is a Magic box!

Life is a Magic box!

by Marlene Mendes (

Today I am sitting here behind my computer to write my power story as my friend asked me to ‘write something personal, and empowering and inspiring for other people’. Just writing this made me want to laugh since I have so many, many stories to tell, and sometimes I feel that in this lifetime I have lived thousands of years 🙂 But how do I  know, if this or that story is empowering and will inspire you who read it?

I thought maybe I start by telling you who I am. My name is Marlene Mendes. I’ve passed the barrier of 40 (let’s make this a timeless text LOL) and since childhood I wonder what I do here, why we exist (humans) and what’s the meaning of our life. Over the years the answer has come up. The more prepared I get, the more answers come up. And today I believe our mission here is Evolution! It is moving from thinking about surviving and paying bills, and knowing that we can create the life we want if we just sit long enough to think, feel, and write it down, and ultimately know that we are all there is, and allow life to flow through us.

When I was 6 years old in 1982, my mother became unemployed and divorced. My grandfather had lands and some financial poses, and yet what we got to live was the shed where he kept the food for animals, the farm keepers, and the cheese he made for sale. In this same space we had our bed, some pots and a stove for cooking and where we heated the bathwater that we took in a bowl.

Here we lived for a period until we went out to live in the street, no light, no water, no sanitation, in another city, hoping to be given a social home. And so it was, after a few years of wandering between places, we finally had a house in a social neighbourhood where drugs, alcohol, homicides, domestic violence, and aggression among the habitants ruled. In my head I just had one image of that one day I’m out of there. The image that gave me the strength. I could see it, smell it. It’s the image how I felt inside the house I was going to have one day, outside that neighbourhood. Each time I entered the neighbourhood, this image swirled in my head, my home! These sensations were so vivid, so strong that I never imagined how it could be possible, but I never doubted that it was going to happen!

No one in my family has a college degree. My mother did the fourth grade and my father can’t read or write, and against all odds, I went to college, did my degree and at my 22 years I bought my house! One day upon entering I had a Deja-Vu. I stopped and thought: I’ve been to this moment before… And yes, I’ve been, many, many times in my own head. I’ve created that moment that I live now.

What I believe is that no matter where you are now, no matter where you came from or how people treated you, what you can create in your mind, you will live and materialize!

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