My Mom – my Personal Power Role Model and always my big Fan

First person that I am really grateful for when recalling my power story and embracing my personal power is definitely my mom. She is one of the strongest people I know. She is a true warrior, never giving up, always confronting the challenge, and working hard for what she believes in, always fully present, and always supporting her family and home. Although she was always employed and being professionally a successful lawyer, she in a way devoted herself in serving her family, especially my dad, my sister and me. We were a family of four strong individuals, and it was because of her that our family worked, and that we were and still are very connected. It is clear she was The lady behind my dad, but she was always also strongly behind me and my sister.

Her strong personality, and clear values she believed in and which she has been living by, like hard work, honesty, commitment, perseverance, knowledge and learning, doing your part as best as possible, being in service and helping others, made a huge influence on me. I often remember how she was teaching me these values when I was a child and in my teenage years. When I was, for example, complaining or criticising or feeling that things are unfair, she kept saying ‘okay, but you can be better, you can do it differently, you do not have to be the same as they are…‘ She had that bullet proof combination of discipline and compassion, and not letting me go with the ‘victim play’. It was not always easy to follow, but I am deeply grateful for all of it now.

I have learned a lot from her, I still am learning. But if I try to pick up key lessons on personal power, I would say they were taking responsibility and managing the personal power, and being there when things go tough and to persevere in your integrity, for yourself and for people around you.

I have deep appreciation for people in general going through struggles of their life with their head high up, and with determination to survive and doing their part to bounce back with a compassion and hope for the future. My mom is definitely a role model for me in this regard. When she lost her life partner, my dad, few years ago, after being together for 40 years, and when her vision and hopes for next 20 years were scattered in a minute, after working so hard and waiting for this time to come for so long, she managed to move on, to revive again, and to look for new meanings in life, and possibilities to serve. I honour her amazing strength and passion for living and serving.

Power(ful) statement:

“Believe in yourself. Live by your values. Make sure you do everything what is in your capability.”



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