Passion of Success

Passion of Success by Geraldine Gryka (Dancer, Humanitarian)

This is a story of Geraldine, a girl who makes the effort as a result of her passion and talent. When it comes to her name, bearing in mind the suffering and complexities of the transition period in Albania, which had a profound impact on immigration. Real-time conflicts and rivalries have certainly brought about major changes in the goals of each of us. The same reflection of her continuity and progress had her family who emigrated years ago. She became part of the resettlement, activism and big professional goals seeking her integration abroad.

At an early age, at a very young age, I’ve moved to Greece where I continued my studies and regularly took ballet lessons. I was one of those children who sacrificed everything to undertake great and responsible initiatives outside and beyond my age. I’ve succeeded in my ability to set goals in my family, in the society and in my artistic life.

The difference that followed throughout my career was the story of my family who at all times fought for justice in Albania. The ups and downs have been countless. I was a little girl at that time but followed through repeated episodes of national responsibility and responsibility of my family.

I’ve continued with my efforts to design my desired future. With my will and passion for sports and ballet I’m often referred as an inspiring for many young people. Few years ago I was recognized as the best dancer at many international presentations in several European countries. Today I’m competing with myself by bringing new expectations and working every day to create new developments.

In its nature, my dominant roles have been a form of a professional restraint with the maximum support of my family. Today, my life is very active, organized around studies, various meetings, and continuous practices in the field of ballet. Quite prestigious and safe if I remember that little girl Geraldine.

My sacrifices have been countless in the early years of immigration, but my attitude and power mediated the time with unplanned challenges. I was always able to quietly understand the difficulties and ensure that my abilities would be adapted to any kind of undertaking by trusting family opportunities and social factors.

I’m convinced that nothing easy has the importance of an objective against my will, and being an activist and volunteer in some highly disciplined aspects of humanitarian projects it thought me, and keep teaching me the necessary skills for success.


Additional about Geraldine Gryka:

Lately, Geraldine’s participation has been very successful in Albania through a video projector accompanying Piano, Denisa Gokovi (Ambassador of Culture and Art) with a collaboration established as one of the most influential projects in human and artistic engagement. The conference had also a media presentation and an absolute impact on well-being and appropriate educational interventions on youth potential and women’s empowerment in Albania.

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