Powerful Feminine Inspires

It was inspiring and eye-opening lately to think and discuss on several occassions about current state of the society, the role of leadership, and what the feminine leadership is and what it could bring into the society and its development. These discussions brought out many conditioned learned behaviour in our society how we use our feminine and masculine energy and approach in leadership and in life in general.

I don’t want to talk about men vs. women in leadership, and quotas and equality. In general, I’m more into practicing and trying to master my feminine and masculine energy and how I use/live them. I think our feminine and masculine energy in whatever combination display within our more or less conscious patterns and behaviour. Within these are our challenges where we can perhaps do some adjustments, some unlearning, and some new learning.

As a coach I hear people often saying that they are tired of so many daily obligations, demands, juggling different priorities, not having enough time for themselves or people and things they love, and that they want more quality in their life and not running around all the time to keep up and striving for more, for better, for the next, for the new. But when we have the opportunity to take the time and rethink, to see things from different perspective and maybe create the possibility to do things differently (as we before said we wish we could or want things to be), we react like we don’t have the time for this thinking and rethinking and changing perspective. It seems we are more ready and willing to do something for ‘just give me something that works’ and ‘I need it fast’. A quick fix to get the quick release, win, satisfaction….to keep us going.

As they say, when you want something, you need to give that something first. Maybe if in those ‘fast-hurry-instant-wanna change but don’t have the time for…’ moments (for some these moments are actually hours, days, years, lifetime) we could do something simple that actually works and it’s fast. We could take a more conscious and intentional breath in and breath out. This effective tool is from the master creator, and she allows us to use it anytime.

If we take nature as a master role model, maybe the essence of the feminine leadership is the right pace/quantity/quality measure called ‘just enough’. To get it ‘just right’ is our daily lesson in this lifetime.

Thinking about feminine leadership, I see my mom as a prototype of a feminine leadership as I understand it. She’s a synonym for integrity, perseverance, and being consistent, compassionate and very determined women. Never giving up and always searching for a way to keep going and support ing others to do the same. Seeing the positive in challenges, striving for ongoing learning and growing.

Looking back, I’m grateful to my parents, especially my mom that she stayed firm and persisted with her clear guidance through all of my eye-rollings and debating my right to not do things in certain way and how I’d do things differently. They’ve taught me the life’s lesson that my freedom to be is my right and my responsibility, and that it’s up to me to find my power within this.

It’s my mom’s birthday today, and on this special day I acknowledge and celebrate all amazing powerful women and men using feminine energy in their leadership and life in a way to benefit us all as a society, to be more empowered, inspired and creative in a compassionate, collaborative and inclusive way.

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