Pursue your dreams, and never give up!

Pursue your dreams, and never give up!

Power story by Emeline Trajan, Multilingual&Cultures expert and Travel&International Business specialist

The woman I am today is due to all the experiences I have been through just like everyone. What makes the difference? Me, myself and I!

I am Emeline Trajan and I am 32 years old. I was born in Meaux not far from Paris (France) and I am originally from Reunion Island. Island known and reknown for its crossbreeding and cultural mix. This mix is part of me, and is reflected today by my open-mindedness and my passion for foreign languages and cultures.

A woman of character, I have been able to share my ideas since I was a child, to defend them and to be respected in spite of my overweight, which was much laughed at the time. I left home at the age of 17 and started working seasonally at first. When I graduated with my A Level degree in Economics and Social Sciences, I decided to go abroad to reinforce my language learning English and Spanish in England and Spain. It was the first one of the many challenges of my life as I left with my small savings and alone. I had decided to do it and I had read it was possible to find a job easily so I would just do it! At 18, I was already determined to follow my dreams.

When I returned to France, I carried on studying with a BTS in Tourism Sales and Production and a Licence in Hospitality Industry and Tourism alternatively working into the luxury hospitality industry for 4 and 5-Star hotels. After an economic lay-off at the age of 25, I took up the second biggest challenge of my life by joining a renowned business school, the PSB Paris School of Business, where I completed the International Business Master’s degree entirely taught in English. I had the chance to do an exchange semester in Mexico entirely taught in Spanish and an internship that I chose to do in Cameroon. It is quite naturally that I dedicated my thesis on business in Africa taking into account the values of the South African Ubuntu philosophy of solidarity, respect, dignity, compassion and survival which seem necessary to embody to conduct business in this continent difficult to apprehend for Western actors.

After obtaining my Master’s degree, I continued to work in the luxury hospitality industry for a few more years before finally daring to start my own business at 30, my third biggest challenge. I have done it, for the first year, alternatively with my former position in a 5_star hotel in Paris but they have dismissed me during a hard medical leave period after many problems experienced with them during my activities. They tried to crush me to the ground but it is without knowing my strength and appetence for the justice and above all for saving myself. This problem will be presented in front of a court of justice by the way. Even when you suffer, it is always important to find the strength to fight back and it will surely pay off! This is the same determination I have for everything I undertake following my values of respect and justice.

My current job as a freelance translator and interpreter is one that I cherish for the practice of languages and the ever-increasing confrontation with the various cultures that make up this world. I started to work in the legal field, as I am surrounded by lawyers, and with administrations and especially police stations. I had the chance to work on beautiful projects such as the translation of the France application for the Youth Olympic Games of Normandy 2022, for the UNSS. I also had the honour of participating in the conference of the 27th UIA World Forum of Mediation Centres, in Milan 2020, for which I wrote an article on this event. All of these enriching, diverse and challenging projects have encouraged me in this path and pushed me to surpass myself.

During my atypical career, which has combined diploma courses, quality professional experiences and travels, I have always placed the human being at the centre of my exchanges. I have travelled in Senegal integrating a charitable dimension, and today I contribute to the association l’Intention on my free time to help people in need in the streets.

Languages are for me the fundamental tool that allows me to erase the barriers between cultures, facilitating communication and understanding. I am sensitive to exchange and sharing, that’s why I decided today to evolve by helping others to communicate with other peoples and cultures.

Now it is time for me to keep pursuing my dreams and to launch my second activity about travelling in a short term and my third one about coaching in a long run. I don’t count the challenges that I am facing anymore as life is full of them and I am grateful for that, otherwise life would be very boring or even depressing! Indeed, the only moment when I was slowed down and not motivated was when I was not acting and moving forward to something I wanted! Do not forget that you are the one that creates your own mind-set, happiness or just your great life to sum up! So do it 😉

As of today, I am already working on the birth of ET Travel and of my travel coach business. If I will start a coach training certification in few months to acquire more skills (always more), I am already associated with my brother, Mickael Trajan, a journalist, artistic director in the mobility sector and consultant for the magazine Intersection, Arte, Louis Vuitton. We support destinations and make our know-how available by using our powerful communication tools to promote to our community of more than 290,000 people around the world and with our media Roadness magazine claiming another idea of travel. From an exclusive and tailor-made angle, Roadness offers the opportunity to promote any brands or destinations to a community ready to be seduced by rare, elegant and original addresses where luxury, excellence and charm are an integral part of their way of life, making an ordinary trip an extraordinary experience. Furthermore, it is important for us to promote destinations in a sustainable and responsible way. For years, I have been campaigning for the promotion of green tourism, in order to reinvent travel by proposing new alternatives beyond the beaten track and far from mass tourism. Discovering new territories in the most beautiful regions of France, overseas departments and/or the whole world for authentic escapades… this is our genesis.

Thus, I have launched recently my personal Youtube channel and my podcast on Instagram live talking about destinations and travel information. I was actually not very confident at the beginning; I did not even think I could do that! Indeed, it is not easy to watch yourself after being recorded and for many reasons; my French accent when talking in English or my overweight or maybe just a lack of confidence sometimes. But at the end the most important is to do whatever we like and just act! Stop thinking about whom ever will think about you as well as how and start trusting yourself!

If my self-confidence was gained by the trips and living experience that I have done alone abroad as well as my training capacities and successes, I have to admit that I have strongly reinforced it in consequence to a terrible event that happened in my life recently, the death of my best friend. My brother of heart that I knew for more than 20 years… He taught me (and not only to me) what is positivity and fighting for our dreams, always. As he cannot pursue them anymore, I feel like I really have to succeed on pursuing mine! And I will! May his soul rest in peace <3

Another battle that I undertake for a while now, a personal one that I will share with you, is the one to become a mother… My love and I have been struggling for many years now this moment has not yet happened but I will do whatever it takes to succeed, trust me. Never give up, this is the meaning of life!

No one has a perfect life; no one has a better life than anyone else! Life is about appreciating everything we have and do what we can with what we have! Being able to appreciate the smallest things is the most important; the people around us, the ones that we cherish and everyone else. I do not have everything I want but I feel lucky for what I have.

Do not forget where you come from, where you are and why, dare to act in order to achieve your dreams and having the life you want. Stop complaining, just do it! Everything is possible; the only limit that exists is the one that you put into your head…

Be powerful and free! Life is beautiful and deserves to be lived fully! 


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