The heat of this past summer week called for some kind of refreshment. To some this means to just sit or lay down, do nothing and more or less wait for the heat or certain period to pass by. But for some it calls for action, to find their way to refresh, to change something to feel better. And when we somehow refresh ourselves, we can breathe again more easily, fully and relaxed, we can see the world around us more clearly and objectively, and we usually feel more aligned with ourselves. The refreshment brings us the state of calm, and the possibility for a new choice how to continue.

For me the nature has usually the most efficient ways to refresh, not just from the heat, but also from different kinds of overloads. To rethink, to let go, to reset, to change perspective, and to recharge. There are so many ways to refresh with/in nature. Either to change the scenery and the routine, or to let the wind blow away thoughts of worry, pain, and fear, to let the water clean, transform, and rejuvenate, to let the forest or hills ground us and open the perspective. Nature knows the way, we just have to listen which one is the most appropriate for us in a certain moment, and than follow and act upon.

Writing these words and thoughts, brings some flashes of this refreshment feelings at the front. Mainly with water. There is something special with water. It is, as they say, nature’s strongest force. I see an image how I dive into the water, and instantly feel refreshed, renewed, and energetically cleared. Like I would leave everything behind, and trust what is in front, the second I decide to jump. No way back, just forward. All obligations, perceptions, and expectations disappear, and the possibility to start again, continue differently.

It is interesting to observe how and when we use the metaphor of being thrown into the water to see if we are able to swim / to survive, when we are put in a new and unfamiliar setting. Although there might be some fear related to this kind of ‘live or die’ experience, there is a common notion that this kind of experience brings the feeling of aliveness, of being more us,  more creative, and more empowered. It is something strong and pure with the force and energy of water, even just with an image of it. You can not bluff in front of it. You are confronted with your true self, and although you might be scared and questioning yourself, there is usually a good scare and excitement attached to it. The scare and excitement that makes you feel alive, being present in the moment, and being aware that you can not go back to the previous feeling or state of mind. The only way is forward from the place you are at the moment, and it is up to you how you will choose to continue.

This paradox we find ourselves so often in, longing for the change, and to feel alive and creative, but at the same time being afraid to leave the comfort zone, and doing the necessary step to do the change, it is inherent to our human nature. It is okay to feel it, and decide either way.

But if there is a slight potential for you to be refreshed at this moment, there is a gentle refreshment push:

“Do your jump and splash! Refresh – your views, thoughts, feelings, emotions, state of being, beliefs, relationships, goals, actions, patterns of behaviour, etc. Continue fresh, with the feeling of alignment and aliveness. Choose again. And again. Take that step. Jump. Do that change. Continue in the direction of  your goal/s and toward yourself.”


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