Shifts – Power – Grace

I have just finished coaching one of the attendees of my workshop on “Change Yourself – Change the World” within the BePowerfulAndFree program. And I want to share how deeply grateful I am for what is coming my way through coaching and the #BePowerfulAndFree activities. An amazing display of different people shining powerfully in their unique way, when all those layers of “what I am / have to be / should be or do / because of…” melt or transform. Gratitude, and deep appreciation for these connections, insights, and for the sacredness of life itself, and our purpose in it. It offers me also plenty of possibilities to notice the difference among different generations, and to acknowledge the potential of each generation.

I am constantly amazed by the potential of younger generations that are just starting to sense life and what to create with and within it. And it is inspiring to imagine what even younger ones are bringing/will bring to this world. They have different energy than mine or older generations. Different awareness, different drive, different purpose. And they have so many possibilities, so many. So amazing, and wonderful, just to be aware of it, to be around. Yet they are picking up so much of the ‘old’ energies, energies around them that were created by other generations. And it is somehow frustrating to observe that they have even less clue than my generation what to do with these energies. There is so much of the unspoken, or too much of the outspoken or done but in not so compassionate and loving way, floating between spaces, inside and outside us.

For me this acknowledgment means to further clarify and enhance my way of functioning, and my path, to continue with small shifts in the direction of lightning up these gaps and these incoherences. And to keep doing my part in providing the space and ways for these layers to shift in a way to empower us, to enable us to create powerfully. But these shifts now require much more compassion, awareness, and grace in using our power, as we have been used to use them in the past.

I am reflecting back on this past energy intense week. It would be so convenient to say that the intensity and what was brought up to the light and what was created this week from all of us, was more or less the effect of the influence of the moon, and the eclipse, and…. In fact we can be really humble and grateful, because Nature does her job perfectly. But, we are also part of this amazing Universe, and we shift it pretty hard with what, and how we are. So much incoherence, so much of sorting and resorting of layers around us, so much insecurities and misuse of power and freedom concept. Where do you think they go? I wonder why ‘our why’ is so often unclear/unconscious? Especially when knowing that other parts of our natural and artificially made environments are pretty clear on their ‘why’.

Shifts…I like shifts. But more and more I appreciate the process between shifts.These natural cycles, a natural play of power – of holding and loosing the grip, the fine art of using our inner inherited power in appropriate way to create more value, quality, and love. It is really inspiring. In fact, it provides an endless life coaching, if you are open to be coached by.

If we are connected to our true self, and to the Nature in general, we are powerful, but this power holds certain grace in it. With this comes one of my favourite quotes “In a gentle way you can shake the world.” from Mahatma Gandhi. And New Powerful&Free Guidelines for new days could go something like – bounce back in yourself, be gracefully free of the social conditioning, be gracefully powerful in living your life, and create daily small positive shifts in your world.

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