Sweet Summer Sense

I agree that all seasons make sense, and are necessary and important. But how I understand it, Summer makes an additional sense to all the others. The more relaxed summer setting is perfect for some less or more intentional, spontanious, and/or random statements, words, looks … from different more or less important people in/for your life, come to play on the surface, with maybe less control and attachment to the meaning and the outcome. However, they bring along a possibility for a shift, that (some) message(s) come(s) through, and you get the insight, see the pattern, and can make something about it. I guess Summer’s working on/through me, and it feels like some things need to be expressed and transformed on this 8/8 day.

I was on a short trip to the Croatian coast last weekend. On this occasion my friend and I talked with the owner of one restorant for possible accommodation for participants of our workshop in October, and he in between our talk started smiling and said ‘so, I see, you’re from the group of unadjusted, that’s interesting…, tell me more about this project of yours…’. It was a nice conversation, and we’ve agreed on the collaboration. The ‘unadjusted’ was a kind of a key ingredient.

It stayed with me for next few days. ‘Unadjusted’. Just floating there, and slowly calling memories, situations, thoughts, feelings, images, some more from the past, some more recent. Some of the stories, lessons, and steps on my #bepowerfulandfree path. Such as /Oh, wow, this is really great Tanja, and I support you 100%, but it’s too much, you can’t do it like that, can’t you make it less…/, /I wish we’d have the possibility to be…, that it would be different situation, and I could…, but…/, /I see dear Ms Bogataj, you want to change the world, but one needs to know why things are as they are, how things operate, you need to have connections, and experiences, and…/, /It’s nothing personal Tanja, you understand how it is…, it’s just the way it is…, you’re longer in this and you know this better than…/, /But you don’t have that time, you act like you have all the time in the world, and you’ll do this now, and so many years again, when…./, /Hey, how are you, I was watching one movie yesterday and it reminded me of us…, how we were…, you have to watch it, I’ll send you the link…, do you remember how we were… /….

Some truth, love, compassion, arrogance, BS, valuable information, fears, and some… What was / is actually said, heard, meant, received, interpreted? What stays, needs to stay, is valuable for our life, for the path? It’s the sweet – the sweetness of it all that stays. To feel that nice, warm, peaceful, loving, …, okay (whatever that is for everyone) feeling. I wouldn’t come to ‘sweet’, and ‘sweetness’ here, if I wasn’t inspired by for me the triggering ‘you’re so sweet Tanja’ few months ago. It caught me a bit unadjusted, both ways. What that means anyway, sweet…?

But when you think of it, and let go of the possible positive or negative connotation of the ‘sweet phrase’, and what could…that mean…, it is actually sweet. It really is sweet, the essence of living, the experience of life and love, the essence of what stays after the experiences, lessons, circles completing and combining the dots, and when energies heal and clear, and a new cycle begins. The sweetness of the kindness between, and among us, and of life. The bitter-sweet is us adding something like seeing things from a certain perspective, projection, interpretation, fears, control, trying to make it something that is not, not letting go etc.

We own the perspective and interpretation, and create our reality. It’s our call to change it, anything, if we want to. ‘Unadjusted.’ There it was, still floating, waiting for me patiently. And, finally a time to dance – learning the lesson time.

  • It’s allowing life to reveal it on its time, being willing to see things from a different perspective, letting go of the known from the past and being open to create something different, new.
  • Recognizing the ‘unadjusted’, using it as a motivation when in line with your values, and adjusting perspective when limits you from learning, growing, and a peace of mind and heart.
  • It’s just the essence that needs to stay, and it stays anyway. It’s always there. It’s more about how much of the ‘package’ we keep wearing around, and interpreting and living from.
  • Let all the ‘package’ of experiences, lessons, emotions, thoughts, feelings…be released. It’s so much easier to do it in summer softness and ease.

I’m anchoring this now to use it during the year. It makes sense. Summer always makes perfect sense. Sweet one.

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