The Biochemistry of Power

The biochemistry of power

By Gabriela Droga Mazovec

(Founder of Flow Q, Lifestyle coach at The Biochemistry of Life, President of the Slovene-Portuguese Friends Association, author, educator, Founder of the project multilingualism and social integration for the Symposium of Multilingualism, Innovation expert in Life Sciences, at the University of Ljubljana)

I wanted to be an astronaut because I loved stars and the mysteries of the sky above us. I pictured it as a big house, the dark sky was the floor, and the stars were holes from which we could see the light inside that big house. I grew up to be a Biochemist, searching for that similar picture, where the cell under the microscope is the house. I followed my scientific path with wonder, embracing my creativity has always been the key to happiness. 

During my studies in Holland, I met a Slovenian man who’s now my husband. Moving to Slovenia seemed one step that would not bring a change I couldn’t handle with, because my home was mostly my language and my family. But there are challenges, such as the lack of your family, the lack of speaking your mother tongue, the lack of the ocean, integrating. As an immigrant, not being able to express myself in Portuguese, what I dearly value, was the first big challenge to overcome. I founded the Slovene-Portuguese Friends Association and by interconnecting with other Portuguese language speakers we were able of bringing our stories to us and to our children.

My third beautiful child was born and my intuition faded, and with it, my health for the first time was challenged. My interest in nutritional biochemistry took me to new, refined quests and Lifestyle transformation dragged me away from disease. From food to feelings and everything in between. We are seriously influenced by what we eat, breath and think. 

Embracing my unique talents, following my intuition, being connected again became my new way of living. When you do things with love and learn things you love, you are shaped by your own inner power, your heart becomes your shape. 

Power is inner to all of us. We grow up, and different people and different events shape our life. It is when we are aware of ourselves, that we are able of bringing our inner strength to create. 

And being creative is being courageous.

The cultural differences that I carry in me are now an advantage, the languages I speak part of my different colours, I am at home everywhere and sometimes also nowhere.

Embrace challenges, be open, trust, persist, seek out for experts, never stop learning, be creative, be kind.

The ocean is now there and here.

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