This is your year

The title of today’s post ‘This is your year’ is from one of my favourite greetings I’ve received for this year. I’m happy to share it with you. It’s the gift which is very much in the context of #bepowerfulandfree. And the best part is that you can personalize it. You can make your choices right now about how it’s going to be.

Spend some time with following questions as guidelines when creating your vision and finding ways to make it a reality:

  • What kind of a year I would like to create if this is ‘my year’?
  • What is the gap between my comfort zone right now and my wish for 2019 being ‘my year’?
  • Who do I need to be to make this vision a reality?
  • What am I actually willing to do to achieve my vision?
  • What I don’t want to do to achieve my vision?
  • What’s my key challenge to make my vision a reality?

And two tips when going along 2019 –

#1 ‘The place between your comfort zone and your dream is where life takes place.’ (Helen Keller)

#2 ‘Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.’ (Theodore Roosevelt)


Create your 2019 day by day. Enjoy the journey!

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